ISI Mark for headgear

Two-Wheeler drivers have to make sure and be aware about the helmets they are using. There has been a new rule that has been passed by the Bangalore city police on the BSI Specification helmets.

Following the cue of Mysuru, Bengaluru has decided to make a new rule about the helmets. The Bengaluru police will fine any rider or the pillion rider if they do not wear a BIS(Bureau or Indian Standards) specification helmet or headgear.

The new rule that came up is that from February 1st, 2017 all the riders in Bangalore should wear helmets with the ISI mark otherwise they will have to pay penalty of Rs 100. Bengaluru Police will also conduct campaigns, advertisement and any other possible way to make people aware about it.

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R Hitendra, additional police commissioner of the Bengaluru traffic police, took the decision as per the instructions from the state home minister Ramalinga Reddy. “There is no concession like half or full helmet. The purpose is to make sure that the helmet helmet is safe. Each helmet should follow the BSI rules,” said Hitendra.

Bangalore city police are making sure that the riders and as well as the pillion riders should be wearing a helmet with the ISI mark on it. There will be an enforcement drive against violaters from February 1st onward. The drive is part of a state-wide endeavour to deter riders from using half-helmets and, instead, go for safer headgear of assured quality. Headgears that cover the whole face come with ISI mark.

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Police commissioner T Suneel Kumar said two-wheeler users have time till January 31 to buy headgears with ISI mark. “From February 1, those wearing helmets without ISI mark will be penalized. They’d be treated as riding helmetless,” he said. The fine for the “helmetless” riders will Rs 100.

Rufus, a resident from Yelehanka said that,”Most of the people will use the right helmets as they want to be aware about the causes, but it’s the police that wear helmets with no ISI mark or the full cover helmet”. Manjunathan said, “ha ha..these kind of rules are only made to make more money”. Many others had their views on it.

The directive was issued to all five police commissioners —Bengaluru, Mysuru, Mangaluru, Hubballi-Dharawad and Belagavi — and also all range inspector general of police (IGPs) across the state.

Residents of Bangalore, be aware about the new rule of the headgear with ISI mark and make sure you get the right helmet before the 1st Februaury.




oh no! Power Cuts Again.

Just this afternoon while I was going through one of my News App, I came across the most dreadful news ever for the people of Bangalore. An official of Bescom said that the maintenance work that’s going on in Bangalore will help to stabilize the powers supply in future.

Bangalore roads have been a chaotic mess since a month, they have been dug for pipelines, putting up new electric poles, laying new roads for the future, and may I add the Hennur – Baglur road bridge which has been under construction since almost “I don’t remember”.

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The residents in the East and North parts of Bangalore will have a really tough time as there will be a power cut for at least 8 hours from the 12th of January till the 31st of January due to maintenance work of Bescom.

The areas which will be affected are Indiranagar, Hormavu, Kothanur, Hennur, Byrathi village, Kammanahalli, and surrounding areas. Around 307 areas in the East and the North areas of Bangalore will face the irregular power disruption from 10 am to 6 pm for 20 days  due to replacement work of Coyote conductor by HT LS Conductor in the first bit from Hebbal MUSS to L.R. Bande MUSS of 66/11KV.

An official from Bescom said that the maintenance work will help stabilize the power supply in future.

Nicole Lawrence, a resident from Kothanur said that “the power cut that were going to face for the next 20 days will be the worst for us”. Dhavak B, a resident from Indiranagar said that “I can’t complain, it’s for a better Bangalore, the power cut may be a little awful as I work from home, but I will just take this in a positive way”.  Srujana R, a resident from Kammanahalli, a mother of two, said that “as a housewife and a mother of school going kids, it is going to be a little difficult for me to get things done before 10, but this is just for the next 20 days”.

The power cut will definitely be a little messy and disturb our day to day works. The worse will be when we run out of battery for anything.

This is just for a better Bangalore!



Triple Talaq Bill

On the 28th of December, 2017 the Muslim Women Bill was passed. The “triple talaq” is a criminal offence that proposes a three year jail term for a Muslim man if his women says “talaq” thrice in any form of language, either verbally, on paper, through messages too. This bill was introduced in Rajya Sabha, where it is expected that it’s going to be rough as a lot of political leaders are opposing it; but the bill in Lok Sabha went smooth as the government and lower house agreed to it.

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The Government has called it a “historic day of India”, PM Narendra Modi said at a meeting with the BJP Parliamentarians and he hopes that the bill will be passed in both the houses – Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha. Several parties that have opposed the bill abstained from voting in the Lok Sabha. All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) chief Asaduddin Owaisi sought six amendments in the bill in the Lok Sabha and insisted on a division of votes or voting recorded on a machine on them to make a political point. He has alleged that the bill “does lack of justice to Muslim women,” violates the Right to Freedom and that Muslims were not consulted in its drafting. It also said, “Given the fact that Triple Talaq is instant and irrevocable, it is obvious that any attempt at reconciliation between the husband and wife by two arbiters from their families, which is essential to save the marital tie, cannot ever take place.”

Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, who introduced the bill in the Lok Sabha, urged the house to pass the bill “for the sisters of the Muslim community, for the dignity of women, gender equality,” rejecting allegations of political move by the ruling BJP saying, “We do not take decisions to garner votes. We introduced the bill after the Supreme Court called triple talaq illegal.”

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The Congress has questioned about the jail term that was being put forward in the bill, which said that “any man who has been abandoned through triple talaq be imprisoned and provide his women and children. The bill had some other changes to be made as it was a review of the proposed legislation by a parliamentary panel. Some sources said that the main party is likely to seek amendments to the bill in the Rajya Sabha, where the government is in a minority and so the opposition’s requests for changes are likely to be passed, and then the bill needs to be sent to the parliament, should be reviewed and passed on. As it’s an important bill, both the houses have to verify and recheck when they will pass it on to the public.

Inara Z. said “Talaq is supposed to have a lot of procedure because when they say the first talaq is said they should have a situation to get along with each other, the second talaq the couple should and might get along, and when the third one is said, there is a long procedure. If you do want to get married to the same person, the person needs to remarry and then get divorced and later after all the procedures get married again to the same person. I personally do not agree with it. By sending Talaq on the phone it by call is not acceptable. It is said even in the Holy Book, Quran, it is quoted about the rules and the regulations during talaq and no particular government can re write it.”

Muslim women had petitioned the court, arguing that practice of husbands divorcing them through “Triple Talaq“, including by Skype and WhatsApp, not only violated their rights but also left many women destitute. The Muslim community, like all communities, is not divided along gender lines – women, the helpless victims of triple talaq and the brutish men who pronounce triple talaq are part of the same composite community which is being increasingly pushed to a corner where survival is at stake. They lack a political voice. Economic development has bypassed them. Marginalised from the mainstream, they live a ghettoised existence. Muslim women campaigners need to remember that Modi is not just the brother of Muslim women, he is the ‘Big Brother’ of all Muslims.

“Only a law can explicitly ban Triple Talaq, we have to enforce legal procedures to provide allowance and protect custody of children,” said Ravi Shankar Prasad as he introduced the bill on the 28th of December, 2017.



The Help!

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“You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important”

The Help is a 2011 American period drama film directed and produced by Tate Taylor and adapted from Kathyrn Stockett’s 2009 novel of the same name. The film and novel recount the story of young white woman and aspiring journalist Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan. The story focuses on her relationship with two black maids, Aibileen Clark and Minny Jackson, during the Civil Rights Movement in 1963 Jackson, Mississippi. In an attempt to become a legitimate journalist and writer, Skeeter decides to write a book from the point of view of the maids referred to as “the help” exposing the racism they are faced with as they work for white families.

The story is based on a recent college graduate from Ole Miss, Skeeter Phelan who comes home and finds she doesn’t fit into the crowd. The movie is mostly revolving around two important characters: Aibileen Clark and Minny Jackson.

Aibileen Clark and Minny Jackson are both maids. Aibileen has always raised white kids all her life, she is very good at it. She gives them the unconditional love, but at the end they turn out to be just like their mothers. Minny is a maid who is fired by a local social leader, then hired by a white blonde lady.

The local society leader is Miss Holbrook, is a very dogmatic person who fires Minny after a very long years of service. The blonde is Miss Celia Foote, who married a very rich businessman, is desperate to please him, wanted to be a perfect housewife. Celia wanted Minny to work for her only during the days, so that her husband will think she’s cooking for him and is enjoying her housewife life. Minny is happy to work for her and teach her. They two become great friends. While Minny was working for Celia, Celia suffers a miscarriage and reveals to Minny that she suffered three miscarriages previously.

Hilly, is another local woman, is married to another rich man. Yule May is her maid, asked Hilly if she could borrow some money for her boys further studies. Hilly refused right away and wanted to test her. So she throws one of her rings behind the couch and Yule May takes it and sells it in a pawn shop. Yule May was brutally arrested after Hilly complained to the police about the theft.

Skeeter was uncomfortable about the way the whites were treating the black maids, with their racist attitude. She was shocked when Hilly forwards a letter to the Home Sanitation Initiative to install separate bathrooms for the help. Skeeter later learns that her mother Charlotte fired her childhood maid Constantine for unknown reasons. During a heavy storm, Minny refused to use the bathroom outside and instead used the guest bathroom, Celia fired Minny right away.

Skeeter decided to write a book on these women who work hard for the white people. Skeeter published two stories about Aibileen and Minny, but her book editor at Harper & Row, Elaine Stein, that the stories of two maids are not enough, but potential retribution from the maid’s employers hinders others from joining the project. Aibileen and Minny after persuading the others to join, Skeeter finally managed to get others to tell their personal stories too. Aibileen tells her personal story about how she lost her son, and there was no one to take him to the ER just because he was black. She only believes that by sharing her experience may open the other maids eyes and just may be it will be a better experience for the generation after.

While Skeeter was writing her novel, the Assassination of John F. Kennedy has taken place. All the women who shared their stories, especially Aibileen and Minny feared their stories might be recognized. Minny then reveals her story about the “terrible awful” that she has done to Hilly. Minny, baked her renowned chocolate pie and gave it to Hilly.  Minny, however, prevented Mrs. Walters(Hilly’s mother) from having a slice and revealed that she baked her excrement into the pie. Hilly screamed at Minny and asked her not to show her face ever again.

Skeeter later confronts her mother Charlotte about the women that raised Skeeter, Constantine. After a very long conversation Charlotte reveals the story behind Constantine’s termination. Charlotte revels that during a lunch with the local chapter of the Daughters of America, Constantine’s daughter Rachel arrived. Rachel disobeyed Charlotte’s orders of entering through the kitchen and embarrassed her. In order to save face, Charlotte fired Constantine and ordered them both to leave. Shortly afterward, Rachel took Constantine to Chicago, where she later died. Charlotte had every intention to bring Constantine back to Jackson. Skeeter broke down right there and was very disappointed about what had happened.

It was much later that the book was finally published and was under the name “Anonymous”, and it was a success.  Minny reveals the “terrible awful” to Celia, who finally sees Hilly as the manipulative bully that she is. Celia lets on that she knows about the “terrible awful” by writing a check to one of Hilly’s charity groups.  Hilly attempts to intimidate Skeeter through threat of legal proceedings, but she reminds Hilly that “that” is in chapter 12. Charlotte then intervenes, lets on that she knows about the terrible awful and orders Hilly off the property. Charlotte and Skeeter reconcile when Charlotte tells her how proud she is about her courage, the book and the job offer in New York City.

Johnny (Celia’s Husband) approaches Minny and reveals that he was very aware about Minny helping Celia and he was very happy about the friendship they have built. Celia made a lot of dishes for the three of them to eat, as an act of kindness to Minny.  Minny takes the courage from this and takes her children away from her abusive husband.

Hilly pressures Elizabeth to terminate Aibileen for helping Skeeter in the novel. Hilly was there when Elizabeth was terminating Aibileen and in return Aibileen stands up to Hilly, calling her a Godless woman and that she is never satisfied until she gets what she wants. Aibileen bids farewell to Elizabeth’s daughter and told Elizabeth to give her daughter a chance. Aibileen takes this as an opportunity to get away from everything and she’s looking forward to become a writer.

This movie had a major impact on many viewers and ended happily. The novel being a best release and the movie had a lot of positive reviews from everyone. To understand how life was during the 1960’s, this movie is a must watch and opens your eyes to the reality around us.

Times Up!

Golden Globe Awards is something I look forward to every year. The annual ceremony at which the awards are presented is a major part of the film industry’s award season, which culminates each year in the Academy Awards. The most recent Academy Award was on the 7th January, 2018, honoring the best in film and television in 2017. The 75th Golden Globe awards was very special to a lot of women and an awakening to the world.
The lovely, rich and impossibly expensive costumes, the music that puts the people in the mood, a couple of good speeches and a few inspiring, the meaningless truth about the industry and to top it all, its Live. The backstage is with confusion and the managers want everything to go perfect. Basically, we all watch for the unexpected surprises by the people.

The Golden Globe Award has always shown a very basic structure of the show, starts with a welcome speech, a bit of music, dancing, tear drops, and inspiration and the unforgettable ending. This year’s award show was wrenched by the #MeToo Movement,  became something else entirely: It became a staged revolt against the way women were treated within the industry and outside it. The result wasn’t just riveting; it was shocking.
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The original purpose of #MeToo by creator Tarana Burke was to empower women through empathy, especially the experiences of young and vulnerable brown or black women. In October 2017, Alyssa Milano encouraged using the phrase to help reveal the extent of problems with sexual harassment and assault by showing how many people have experienced these events themselves. The story behind the movement was when Burke was unable to respond to a 13-year-old-girl who confided to her that she had been sexually assaulted, she later wished she had simply told the girl, “me too”. This movement shook the world, all the women around the world opened up by posting #MeToo on social media and in every possible. The phrase “Me Too” had been used more than 200,000 times by October 15, 2017, and tweeted more than 500,000 times by October 16, 2017. On Facebook the hashtag was used by more than  4.7 million people in 12 million posts during the first 24 hours. The hashtag has trended in at least 85 countries.

Milano announced in an interview with Rolling Stone that she and 300 other women in the film industry are now supporting “Time’s Up”, an initiative that aims to help fight sexual violence and harassment in the workplace through lobbying and providing funding for victims to get legal help if they can’t afford it.

This 75th Golden Globe Awards was about the MeToo Movement. All the women were dressed in black to speak out the sexual harassment in and out of the industry. People were not bothered about “who” they’re wearing, or shoes they’re wearing or the make-up or anything; but about the uniformity in the black dresses they wore.

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On Sunday morning, Amber Tamblyn published an op-ed in The New York Times explaining why “hundreds of women from the Time’s Up movement will reject colorful gowns for black ones on the Golden Globes’ red carpet and at related events across the country. Wearing black is not all we will be doing,” she writes,

“We will be doing away with the old spoken codes in favor of communicating boldly and directly: What we are wearing is not a statement of fashion. It is a statement of action. It is a direct message of resistance. Black because we are powerful when we stand together with all women across industry lines. Black because we’re starting over, resetting the standard. Black because we’re done being silenced and we’re done with the silencers. Tonight is not a mourning. Tonight is an awakening.”

The women in black were questioned more about the message behind the dress than “who” they’re wearing, and even of they weren’t they changed their conversation to it. These women changed everything about the night. The people around were silent and had nothing to say. It’s not one or two, it’s at least a million women who are trying to convey the message that they’re being abused. And the women didn’t shy away from the awkward subject. The women made a difference in a lot of people’s lives, they opened a gate for the rest of the women to convey their message.

The effect got more and more asymmetrical as the evening went on until Oprah Winfrey gave an oration while accepting her Cecil B. DeMille Award that was so stunning. The speech that hurl the night into history, and got Recy Taylor (who never saw justice) trending on twitter.

Frances McDormand nailed the ceremony with her usual solemnity: “As many of you know, I keep my politics private, but it was really great to be in this room tonight, and to be part of a tectonic shift in our industry’s power structure. Trust me: The women in this room tonight are not here for the food. We are here for the work. Thank you.”

Times Up! A lot of women are sexually abused, hurt, and they are just silent. But now, we have a way to open up, let people know and make others aware about it.


To know more about the MeToo Movement, visit:

Time’s Up: